Sprint and why its bad for halo.

I am going to tackle this everybody’s favorite topic: sprint, and why its bad for halo.
Halo has always been a slow paced strategic game and that is one of the reasons it is unique. And I am going to tackle the key arguments other people use to try to defend its existence in halo.

  1. “I like fast paced shooters and its hard to play the original trilogy because of it”. That is not what halo is. But! There are several other games like the game you want halo to be. But there are no games like halo.
  2. “halo will not survive with its slow paced gameplay”. Well, the sales figures say otherwise and there are plenty of games without sprint that do just fine like CSGO. But yes CSGO is on PC, a whole different group of gamers, but who is to say that there are no console gamers that like slow paced games?
  3. Sprint does not actually make you go from place to place faster, Im sure you have heard that the maps are made larger to account for sprint, causing a lot of map issues (maps being too open ect)
  4. “If you dont like it dont play it” I know that I pretty much said in point number 1 that there are other games to play instead of halo, but there is nothing like halo for us original trilogy lovers. I believe the “If you dont like it dont play it” card is legitimate point in some cases, but not when there are no other games to play instead.
  5. “Do you want a halo 3.5?” If they keep the same gameplay but update the graphics, add maps, add new gametypes and new forge tools (file browser, AI, more objects ect) and other features (clan support for one) then is it halo 3.5?
  6. “Just play the masterchief collection”. Do I really need to give an answer?
  7. “Sprint increases the amount of dopamine my brain releases.” There are several other games that do a better job at that like titanfall.
    Question to all the people who like sprint. This may sound mean but how did you get hooked to this franchise? This franchise offers none of the things you seem to personally enjoy (from what I have noticed). I know some of you are halo veterans and cannot stand the slow paced games, but if you love, let it continue to be itself, dont let it die with your sudden interest in fast paced games, play other games that offer what you desire and let halo be what it is. It may be hard to let it go, but its killing the very thing you love. There are probably LOTS of arguments I forgot so please point that out. This was not meant to hurt others. Anyway love you all :smiley:

Can we lock this? We already have a sprint mega thread.

Yeah dude. Why not look in the forum. There is a massive thread about this already.

Lol. what if you couldn’t sprint. and only can walk ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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> Lol. what if you couldn’t sprint. and only can walk ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Then you would be in the terrible world of Halo 3, my opinion.

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> Can we lock this? We already have a sprint mega thread.

We several discussions on this topic concurrently. Please use one of the pre-existing, lengthy, threads. Thanks.