Sprint and map design

I can easily see what 343 was trying to do with these maps. They tried stretching everything out so it would take just about as much time to navigate a map with sprint as if it were scaled down with no sprint.

That idea just doesn’t work. I don’t want to have to sprint up a ramp just to go up it in a normal time. I don’t want to have to sprint down a long hallway in order for it not to take forever. This results in really big maps, even the ones that are considered “small/medium” cough harvest cough

Imo sprint is just really hard to work with. Haven, one of the staple “competitive” halo 4 maps turns into a bunch of running and gunning.

The big problem with sprint is that if you want to chase a kill, well you are going to go for a run because the person you are chasing will be at full sprint rounding corners and you don’t have the time to ready up your gun to shoot him before he gets around the next corner. It makes people have to ability to get out of sticky situations VERY easily, and quite frankly it is really annoying to watch a kill just run away, knowing that if you want to chase him, you will either run into his teammates or your opponent will stop, jump around the corner and boltshot you. (I do this to people ALOT and do not feel a bit satisfied with the kill)

That used to be an art in H-H3, running away. Rounding every corner while looking at the floor to lessen your hit box, but the thing is you would never get that far away from your opponent and he can always shoot you while you are running away.

Anyway… I don’t see this being fixed in Halo 4 :confused: