Sprint and Crouch Button Mapping

A while back, when the MLG Playlist Manager played a bit of Multiplayer, everyone was so busy freaking out like it was the apocalypse that it overshadowed something that the guy who had played mentioned.

If anyone could link to the article, it’d be appreciated. The MLG person reported that Sprint had been issued to clicking the left analog stick, and crouching had been moved to the B button for default controls. What is your opinion on this?

I think Sprint being on the left stick is just fine, but crouching on the B button is a terrible idea, since we won’t be able to look around while crouching.

I feel like it’d have to be togglable, which isn’t always good because sometimes I’ll want to spam it. If you play Call of Duty for example and you press B to crouch it’s only toggle and for good reason, I can’t really see myself holding down B, moving around and aiming at the same time.

Also, here’s Louis Wu, who isn’t an MLG playlist manager but still talks about the controls.

I personally don’t care about the controls

toggle it. problem solved. and if you to to t- bag then just hit just hit repeatedly. I don’t get why the default setting isn’t already toggled.

I always play toggle so it’s no problem for me. I don’t see the point of not playing toggle in the first place.

I’m not at all worried. I’m sure there’s plenty of control schemes with crouch on left thumbstick for me to use. I doubt I’ll find one which is what I want exactly, but there’ll be something close.

I know I won’t be playing any control scheme that doesn’t have crouch on the left stick in Halo. I really hope bumper jumper isn’t ruined.

Wait WHAT?! That means melee is once again off ‘B’ for default controls.

There better be a classic control scheme like Recon was in Reach.