SPQR Company Now Recruiting All Positions!

“Attributing to the aftermath of the Human-Covenant War in 2554, the SPQR Company carried out many Torch and Grab Missions, the most famous being the recapture of an Orbital Defense Platform above the late-planet Onyx.”

Hello Spartan, Welcome to SPQR: A Casual/Semi-Competitive Spartan Company looking to bring in Officers for Fire Team Management and Assistance in Company Gatherings such as meetings, Game Nights, and Youtube Channel Support. SPQR is about bringing together a community of all people from different back-rounds to create a unified Company within Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: Reach/3 Alike.

Within the company are the following Ranks:- Praetors (The Leaders of the Company)

  • The 12 Table Council (The Group of Well Trusted Advisors to the Praetors)
  • Harmost (Bulk Company Overseer*)
  • Epistate (Fire Team Leader*)
  • Episcopi (Recruiter/Recruit Inspector)
  • Spartan (New Member/Recruit)
  • Cartographers (Forge Creators)
  • Gladiators (Forge Map Testing)
  • Epistimonas (Youtube Creator/Monitor on Content/Advertisement.)

*Will be Explained upon giving the Application Format.

Requirements for Application includes (For All Positions):

  • SR Rank of 15 or Higher (Lenient on this Requirement)
  • 1.0 KD in Arena or Warzone. (Doesn’t Matter Which.)
  • Unique and Creative thought process (Will Help Aid in Forge)
  • Leadership Qualities such as Integrity, Skill, Motivation, etc.
  • A Kind Hearted Attitude towards your peers.
  • Calm Attitude in Arena Games/Warzone Matches. (Some Raging is alright, but don’t take it out on your Company Members.)
  • The Willingness of Commitment to the Company.
  • Must have Both Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: Reach (Halo 3 is Not Required but Encouraged to Own.)
  • The Willingness to share your creations. (Not only in Forge, but Youtube content for our Central SPQR Channel.)

Inbox me Revelations 07 with the following Format:Name (IRL):

SR Rank:
Position Applying for:
Halo History:
Why you deserve to be this rank:
Final Words:

Your Application must be written in that format or it will not be reviewed!
We Hope to see you soon.- SPQR Praetor: Revelations 07