spots for Achilles helmet (WE'RE FULL)

My company is two kill commendations away from acquiring the Achilles helmet.

We only need spartan charges and marine kills. If interested in helping out and getting the helmet, message me.

Savage Swarm

Update: I’ve cleared out more room but don’t anticipate any more possible spaces. The only movement now will be to release those new members not serious about helping with the final push.

We are going to get together on Friday to try and knock out Spartan charges. Need 8 people and going to shoot for 7pm eastern. Message human genome or cofc if you can make it.

There are no more spaces, but some time this weekend I will review progress made by members and may remove any grinder* not pulling their weight.

There is not much left to do but the effort will be shared.

*Doesn’t apply to dads, long term Savages, military, etc.

I’m sitting on requests now. If any openings, they will go to those most eager for the helmet.

There are two open spots.
It shows four but two are obligated.

If you are willing to grind an unhealthy amount of marine kills and spartan charges, we’ll consider your request to join.

Thank you for your interest.
We are no longer accepting requests to join.