Sporadic Gamer

I was in college when the XBox was released so I don’t really want to play with anyone under 21 (seems weird and sorry, you’re usually in bed or should be when I play).

I’m on during the week when I can but not religiously (school, work, wife, 3 year old and one on the way makes a busy schedule)

Mon - Fri (when applicable) 9:00 pm - Midnight CST except Thursday (class)
Sat 10:00 am - Sun Midnight (not the whole time, just when available)

Looking for a few people to play Spartan Ops when it’s released each week with and different game modes (I mostly spend my time in Dominion but I’m willing to try other game modes when I’m playing with others. Hard to enjoy other game modes by myself. I haven’t ever gotten into Forge, though I’m not really adverse to it (just like e other game modes: willing to try but never really had anyone to build or play with). I’m no where near MLG level and am really just tired of trying to get all the achievements and challenges on my own.

My GT: KS JHawk 4 Life

If you’re a KU fan, that’s a plus :slight_smile: