SPOPS Easter Egg Tutorial for Dancing Grunts

Hey guys, as you might know, Section 3 has found the Dancing Grunts easter egg in Halo 4’s spartan ops, and it’s not a red vs blue easter egg! Here is the tutorial for it.

Tutorial here

Thanks to everyone who participated in finding it.

Nice vid :smiley: I cant believe how much time it takes to actually find these.

But we already have a Thread on this and a video by Operative Demise.


Operative Demise’s video:

Whoops, sorry. Saw the thread but not the video.

Still, I guess for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

Woo First waypoint post after a year of lurking :smiley:
So yeah, nice tutorial, that’s pretty awesome.

That’s -Yoink!- cool!