Sponsorship for MLG players

My clan is currently about to obtain a few sponsorships from progaming companies. Two of which are TeamLiquid which is a major league gaming sponsor in which will be helping us grow as a whole and sending us nifty things such as team shirts and what not. The other one is ControllerChaos which will give the tournament team free modded controllers worth up to $400.


-You need to be high Onyx minimum (preferably Champion).

-We want to assure our team gets the best of the best so you are subject to a 1v1 with one of our company member at our discretion. (which shouldnt be a problem)

-Must have a K/D of 1.5 minimum we realize K/D has nothing to do with individual skill so if your close to 1.5 well work with you.

Now I know your asking yourself; Whats in it for me? So lets talk about the benefits.


-Sponsorships, you will be getting merchandise for free/discounted prices, Modded controllers for free, clothing, revenue off of sold items and adds watched on our videos on youtube, etc.

-Followers, we will constantly be doing shoutouts for everyone on our MLG tournament team, so any followers we have on instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, and any other of other of our social accounts for the clan will more than likely follow your personal accounts as well. We grow together and individually.

-We are not like 99% of the other spartan companies. When you join a company you usually have to start at the bottom but not with us. You will be amongs the highest skill rank we have in the company so its only fair you take your place near the top right? Our tournament team will have specialized ranks and will have to answer to no one except the company leaders in which youll be playing with anyways.

-Will not be ordered and bossed around unfairly (by anyone including Generals).

-Can make income/revenue from the sponsorships.

Act fast because we only have 10 available slots and they are filling up.

If you have any questions about us, sponsorships, or anything related in general please feel free to message me here or on the smartglass app.

Thank you

Platform: Xbox One