[SPOILERS] Shadows of Reach, S117 and the Librarian event

So i just finished reading “Shadows of reach” and blue team gets hurt, they are outnumbered, the mission is difficult…all fun stuff.

So John says several times something like things can be too much even for even a Spartan II with all the enhancements…and just then it hit me: Wasn’t John enhanced by the librarian in H4. I didn’t think about it while playing through H5 or HI (that there is no mention about that event at all), but reading the book it was obvious.

Wasn’t being enhanced by the librarian a big event?

Isn’t he more than a Spartan II?

After reading the forerunner trilogy I thought that he had gone through one of those mutations the forerunners went. Was I mistaken?

Otherwise shouldn’t he think more about that or feel it somehow? i mean shouldn’t it show somehow that he’s been improved by a forerunner?

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Chief can’t be digitized by the Composer. That was the big thing that the Librarian did for him, or at least what was immediately relevant in Halo 4. I’m not sure what, if any, other effects there were.

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Immune to compozer + 20cm taller
Execpt that, we don’t know exactly what she do to him.

"Reclaimer, when I indexed mankind for repopulation, I hid seeds from the Didact. Seeds which would lead to an eventuality. Your physical evolution. Your combat skin. Even your ancilla, Cortana. You are the culmination of a thousand lifetimes of planning. "
Librarian to John in Halo 4

From that dialogue, I always thought he had the consciousness of an ancient human fighter, like Chakas who had Forthencho consciousness. Unfortunately, 343 never finished this story, because at every game they made, they start a whole new story

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He grew? When is that mentioned?

Apart from what the others have mentioned. I would theorise that perhaps it had a greater effect than the Chief even notices himself yet.
The Cortana “vision” in the beginning of H5 felt very “Domainy” to me. It’s possible that the Chief is now biologically capable of connecting to the Domain without realising it.

I hope this event will have more relevance in the future. It would be cool if Chief eventually started unlocking ancient memories not his own, but from Bornstellar.
It would be cool to see Chief learn why Spark mistook him for Bornstellar in CE.

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In Halo 4 we can see he is as tall as Palmer, then in the end we can see he isone head taller

I think it was because of Spark madness due to his loneliness than he confuse him with some forerunner. At Halo CE begining, I don’t think the developpers had a vision so detailed of the forerunner story

That depiction of Chief at the end isn’t canon, it’s just for dramatic effect. In the same way, Palmer one-shotting Knights with her magnums isn’t canon either.

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