*SPOILERS* Plot Info Found in Latest ViDoc *SPOILERS*

http://tokeke.blogspot.com/2010/08/halo-reach-plot-spoilers-f ound-in.html

The gist of it is that at 2:40, there’s a monitor that Halsey is using and Jun and Kat are listed as “MIA”.


MIA doesn’t really mean anything when your talking about Spartans. Just look at how much Kurt gets done while MIA (SIII program). I wouldn’t read to much into the MIA thing until we learn what context the “Halsey” clip is being told. All of the film clips are taken out of context , so to try and infer anything about the story is 100% speculation. It is a commercial for a great game= my 2 cents

It’s safe to say that everyone who didn’t evacuate on August 30th and is still fighting the Reach has been labeled as Missing in Action.

That is the least spoilerish spoiler story I have ever read.

Everyone on Noble Team is MIA at the end of Reach. You’ll see this when the Monument goes live next week. The information isn’t considered a spoiler. =)

Yeah http://tokeke.blogspot.com/2010/08/halo-reach-plot-spoilers-found-in.html definitely shows it Noble team are MIA(or at least Jun and Kat are.)Basically KIA but spartans for morale reasons are listed as MIA.

I’m 100% that they all die. Especially as many sources at least imply it.

They could have been marked MIA at the start of the mission so everyone already thought they were dead so they could get the job done in secret. But I’m sure they all eventually die anyway.


I’m 100% certain that that’s actually Jorge, not Jun, who’s MIA with Kat.

> I’m 100% that they all die. Especially as many sources at least imply it.

and we actually never see Jun bite the dust, in any way, shape or form. As far as the audience knows, he’s the only member of Noble that actually survives

nothing big but thank for warning us >:(

Does everyone forget that Master Chief John117 is THE last spartan alive at the end of halo1? Besides the Ghosts of Onyx storyline, which is relavent, there were no spartans. After Halo3 there are…4 spartans alive I believe. MC 117 and the three from GoO. So…all of Noble Team dies by H3. And how can you sacrifice your life without being dead…? Remember Noble…Remember Reach…why do I gotta remember someone alive? I can go talk to them…right? sooooooo

THE FIRST COMERCIAL said they die…so a spartan being called MIA…aka KIA…has no relavence. They will ALL die. even if bungie doesn’t have control of Halo…I have a feeling that there will be more Halos…so…we have one problem. Everyone wants to be a spratan and every spartan dies…Bungie for the win on screwing microsoft yet again…

Back to subject… We already know Noble team dies. How they die is the big question. They have a secret mission they have to fulfill before they leave reach…as per the newest story plot release today thru Xbox live. Either they fail…or die doing the mission…it’s takes common sense.

And who is Noble Six? Any chance he’s John 117?

Jun walks off with the good doctor, who gives the speech at the end, which I believe tells me that not only did the doctor get off Reach, but Jun was with her.

Well, in other words, Jun & the woman survives, but when & how they dies is the question.

BTW If you finished halo:reach read the following

Noble 6 is not chief, in fact, 117 appears RIGHT AFTER captain keyes, in the pelican, enters the hangar in the pillar of attum.
There will be 2 soldiers running to the left, move the right stick to the right, & you’ll see 117 in his capsule!!

You guys should read the books.

> You guys should read the books.

They are a good read, but when it comes to lining them up with the game things don’t/won’t mesh. If I remember right in the scheme of all things Cannon, Games will always trump the Books.

Ok look their are many spartans still alive. The spartans on Onyx, The spartans on the UNSC Spirit of Fire, Master Cheif, and then there is possibly Jun though i think he might have been on that other Pelican that crashed next to you.

Or Jun could have died from age as Master Cheif was sent into cryo but maybe Jun wasnt?


Spartans never die, they’re just missing in action.