[Spoilers] Halo Wars 2

I’m just looking for clarification regarding the story for Halo Wars 2. I’ve seen a few posts regarding returning characters that supposedly didn’t die in Halo Wars 1 but hasn’t the Spirit of Fire story been wrapped up in Halo Escalation? Unless Halo Wars 2 is a prequel then how could any of the original characters be returning?

We don’t know what happened to the crew of the Spirit of Fire. All we know is the ship was eventually abandoned with a flood infection form on board. Any character who didn’t die in Halo Wars 1 could possibly return in Halo Wars 2.

Typically 343i can/will disregard/alter any media other than the games in order to fit the story they want for an upcoming game. With that in mind, its really anybodies guess right now.

Lets play a game!!! Lets find Waldo but lets change that to, lets find the Sprit of Fire

i feel halo escalations flood spore on the sof is just a place holder