Spoilers forerunners

When the didact first show up, he says that the “forerunners” have returned. Since its plural I’m assuming he means himself and perhaps some others of rank. Maybe he’s alluding to other forerunners?

Also where was lord hood in halo 4? Isn’t he the highest ranking person in halo?

I think the prometheans count. Sortof. What I want to know is why are prometheans in Halo 4 reffered to as composed humans and why the Didact and pretty much the whole Forerunner military are called prometheans.

Also, Lord Hood probably didn’t think it necessary to sit around on a ship as it set up bases on Forerunner installations.

Yeah I thought it could mean the Prometheans as well, but when he said “the forerunners have returned” that seemed to exclude the prometheans because they were already there.

I think there will be more powerful enemies other than the didact in the next game.