[spoilers] cortana [spoilers]

in the end of halo 4 did they kill cortana off and if so do you think she should make a return to the trilogy?

She’ll come back. 100% positive. Replay the campaign again and you will notice too many hints that she has a bigger role to play.

what hints I didn’t hear any hints mind you I do have an extremly bad level of selective hearing can you give an example plz cos its not that I’m not beleiving just that I didn’t hear anything and will most likely never hear it if I watch it 9000 times over.

Punctuation dude. Punctuation.

Use the forum search. There are at least 3 highly detailed threads within the top 4 pages of this forum discussing Cortana’s endgame fatality. Some say nay, some ye. You might learn something. :wink:

Thanks, sorry for the punctuation issues what can I say I have bad grammar and punctuation.

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