SPoilers.. calrity on endeing

I have been reading around on the forums and many people are unsure weather the didect is dead/he is impossible to kill. one thing to remember, on the bottom of the last room is a forerunner slip-space core… to clarify he fell into it. now he is dead… because slip-space engines use a artificially sustained black hole to tear into reality and make a portal into slip-space, and to power it. hence why in halo 2 there was a shock-wave because the skips were using a black hole to tear into the fabric of space time.

so the direct is dead, unless he can survive a black hole…


He fell into the composer, which he is immune to.

i thought that the composer was teh structure that he was on top of, an it was being powered by a slip-space engine underneath it (hence the black whole)

Idk you could be right. I was under the impression that was the source of the composer beam.

oh no, i i thought it was like a appliance… and cortana said that there was a slipspace rupture underneath the composer, also after reading the books, the human slipspace drives create a tiny black whole temporally, and alot of people who are around them “disipear” also it looked like a giant suspended black ball too :stuck_out_tongue:

The Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine functions by creating ruptures, referred to in some sources as wormholes, between normal space and an alternate plane known as slipspace (also known as slipstream space and Shaw-Fujikawa space[3]). The nonstandard physics of slipspace allow it to be used as a shortcut realm, Facilitating Interstellar travel between distant regions in reasonable time.

The engine makes ruptures by using high-power cyclic particle accelerators to generate microscopic black holes. Because of their low mass, Hawking radiation gives them a lifetime of around a nanosecond (or potentially a little longer than a whole second)[4] before they evaporate into useless thermal energy. In that nanosecond, the engine manipulates them into forming a coherent rupture between normal space and the slipstream.[5]

It should be noted that in real-world physics, black holes have been identified as a possible vector for constructing traversable wormholes, specifically through the use of the Kerr metric.

It is unknown whether a slipspace drive has a role in accelerating a spacecraft through slipstream space, or whether conventional reaction thrusters are used. It is known that an engine remains active for the entire period that a spacecraft is in the slipstream, although its purpose during this period is unknown. When active, a Shaw-Fujikawa engine emits alpha (helium nuclei) and beta (fast electrons) particles.[6]

Human slipspace drives were considered black boxes[7] which were very difficult to repair or maintain after they went hot for the first time. Spartan-051 considered slipspace drives dangerous,[5] noting the aforementioned radiation and that space and time was said to distort around an active device. Dr. Halsey also observed that in the past, several technicians had simply vanished while manually adjusting a drive.[6] A ruptured slipspace drive can create slipspace “splinters” in normal space, eventually consuming the drive and the entire ship which the drive was placed on.[8] Mechanical failures like Slip Termination, Preventable, or STP, can also occur with Slipspace drives, usually resulting from poor maintenance.[9] Given their advanced technology, it is unknown whether the Covenant had a similar view.

Interesting. Then perhaps he is dead. I know I thought the dialogue at the end of the game was proof he was alive until someone pointed out that it was apparently a trial he was on from long ago.