-Spoilers!!- About Cortana...

I just beat Halo 4! Wow! What a cool, interesting, and great campaign it was. Im speechless. From the graphics to the sounds or the story! Oh my! But, one things that hit me deep down was the death. Or holographic breakdown… Whatever you wanna call it! Of Cortana. I feel as if they had to find a way for her to die and just found a corky scenario. Listen, Im not “Bashing” the game at all. It was great. But I dont feel the death of Cortana was really necessary. Or maybe it was. I would like to hear your opinion. I’m making a poll to see if you think the death of Cortana was necessary. Personally. I’m a bit mixed on the subject. Vote, and feel free to comment on why you feel it was necessary/not.

Who said she died? She could have lived through the blast/event that happened and still lived and Chief just doesn’t know about it.

Don’t assume :wink:

Wow, maybe your right! fingers crossed

Believe me, I love Cortana and seeing it end like that really disappointed me.

Let’s hope Halsey can find her remnants and make her anew.

If u read the forerunner books one would knw that when an ai is destroyed like guilty spark they are automatically saved in a type of backup system were they can be downloaded into another body or whatever. So technically if cortina did die and she was in the forerunner system she could have been copied or saved whichever way u want to put it. Either way she won’t be dead for the rest of the trilogy I garuntee it

Yes! It was necessary to build the Master Chief as a character by taking away his emotional connection.

Cortana will be back. It’s a cliffhanger. I was incredibly sad to see her go…this campaign really captured Chief’s emotion towards Cortana. The game will not just drop Cortana like that, she’ll return.

Can someone please explain how Chef survived anyway. He detonated that nuke in his hand… how did cortana save him?

> Yes! It was necessary to build the Master Chief as a character by taking away his emotional connection.

I love how when the composer burns all the innocent scientists faces off. In DETAIL! Master Chief is like. Oh, whatever. we gotta go. lol

I never liked Cortana, but it is sad to see her go. And it was necessary! John has the luck, not Cortana, even she, the most valuable AI in the world, can’t avoid rampancy.

(Spoilers Ahead)

I get the feeling I am the only one with this opinion but I did not feel any attachment to Cortana in this Halo whatsoever. In the other Halo games it didn’t feel like Cortana was always trying to hog the spotlight with corny 1 liners so people thought she was really cool but this time around I’m not surprised that people aren’t as upset as Cortana dying as if she did in the previous games.

Cortana was definitely throwing in one-liners all throughout Halo, man. I don’t know what Halos you’ve been playing.

Remember the Didact’s ship? Well Cortana’s chip might still be in one of those consoles, just flying around space… You’ll never know…