*Spoiler Warning* Why does 343 keep doing this?

Spoiler warning, no leaks as what I’m discussing is from the first 4 hours of the campaign which 343 has allowed to be shown.

What is 343’s obsession with killing off the main villians which are supposedly to be set up for the next main games. They did this with Halo 4, set up Jul Mdama to be “supposedly” the next main antagonist in Halo 5. In 5, it was set up in the end that Cortana, and her arsenal of Guardians and Prometheans would be the next main antagonist for Infinite. Now, this is where the spoiler comes into play.

Halo Wars 2 introduced us to Atriox, being the main leader of the Banished. This would have set him up to be one of the main antagonists for Halo Infinite, supposedly. Now, guess what do we learn in the first mission of Infinite? Surprise. He is no longer alive, with escharum I guess being the new leader for the Banished. Is this going to be a trend going forward for mainline 343 Halo games?

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