(Spoiler) Infinite, Cortana's actual status

This conversation isn’t moving forward because we’re repeating ourselves.

Halo 5’s Cortana wasn’t sane, she believed what she was saying. Cortana wasn’t trying to deceive John, even though objectively what she believed was wrong.

Halo Infinite’s Cortana is as I said, most likely glimpses of her from before the explosion (the holograms), and after (the disembodied echo voices). Cortana’s not pretending to be dead, she knows she’s irreparably broken, and she’s doing what she can to help Master Chief succeed.

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Atriox confronted Cortana shortly after destroying the infinity. He showed her images of the defeated Spartan floating in space and reminded her of her destruction of his homeworld.

Cortana, being locked down, was unable to fight back, but sacrificed herself to disable the ring so the Banished couldn’t use it against humanity.

The Weapon was not deleted because the team that delivered her would have been dead by the hands of The Banished.

Chief floated around in space for six months before the Pilot grew a beard and picked him up.

In the farewell scene at the end of the game, Cortana mentions she only had a couple of milliseconds to pull together the memories and traces left behind throughout the campaign. Essentially left as breadcrumbs for the chief.

She is dead. As dead as any fictional character can be.

But then again, she kind-of died in the end of Halo 4 too so…

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she is dead, but there is nothing to stop her from returning in the future. she left another one in its place

My theory: Offensive bias saved her before the explosion and she is in the domain but before she left she told him to give her messages to John, I mean if guilty spark gets a redemption ark but gets to kill one of halos most iconic characters like Sgt Johnson and get away with it then by golly she should to

To make the list:

  • Cortana is the Weapon with amnesia. Deliberate or otherwise.

  • Cortana was sent back in time and merged with Zeta Halo. She’s the one who created the stone Rings with their message. Those messages and data clusters have actually waited for a few million years.

  • Cortana hasn’t been defeated at all or even changed her ways and is using the dynamic perfectly perfect duo to defeat her enemies on Zeta Halo and get the power of the Endless. Before at some point stepping out from the curtain.

  • Cortana is fractured and broken like the ring. But is slowly reforming either through the Weapon or as an inevitable process.

  • The Weapon is outright lying to you about being Cortana. Either because she wants a fresh start or a variant of theory 3.

  • The Silent Auditorium granted Cortana access to the Multiverse and every instance of the Domain across all time. Basically God. :smile:

  • Dead. :sob:

I’d love to see Cortana and The Weapon fuse at some point. I’m not really interested in a brand new IA that looks like Cortana, acts like Cortana but is not Cortana.

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