Splitscreen Fix Needed

Hi Halo Community,

  • Splitscreen needs works
  • Splitscreen seems fine

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You can tell that FOV for splitscreen in infinite needs a lot of work. Even when fully zoomed in, it does not compare to the zoom ratio of the other halos. Take a look at the gun of each halo in comparison to the size of the screen, this should give you a pretty good idea that something is not to scale. I have 20/20 vision and am having trouble seeing myself. I have turned text size up to extra large to be able to see flags caps at bottom middle.

  1. Can we increase FOV to mirror similar halos as the settings currently do little to nothing
  2. Can we have an option to make radar, grenades, and flag score bottom middle much, much bigger?
  3. If this cannot be done without messing up aspect ratio, can we override and agree to a downgraded aspect ratio?
  4. Has anyone else played splitscreen and can you talk me through your pain and help share the pain with me on this one? It’s an issue for you too, right? It’s not just my wife and I?