SplitScreen Co-Op =/= Split Screen (I hope)

The GI story specifically mentions the aspect of Split Screen CO-OP, as we can see, the campaign is seeming to try and be very immersive. This does not necessarily mean that 4 player split screen is removed for multiplayer, as that would not technically be considered co-op. Correct me if im wrong, but didnt 343 say the final game would support split screen for multiplayer, when asked about beta split screen?

All im saying is that maybe we shouldn’t count split screen out completely. Could be because the campaign is very immersive and rich, and that split screen wouldnt have allowed them to realize the detail they wanted. Also, at least they’ve come to an agreement to allow any user to play co-op campaign, and dropped the Gold restriction. Another reason why I feel there may be multiplayer splitscreen.

Why would split screen ruin the immersion, when they still have 4 player online Co-Op? I want to be able to play halo with my wife, the way we have for every past halo game. at least 2 player split screen co-op.

There’s already a thread on split-screen. Please don’t make more.