It seems there’s 2 different kinds of players who play the BTB playlist:

  1. Those looking for big team objective-type games (assault, CTF, etc.)

  2. Those looking to play straight up slayer on an epic scale (either regular BTB slayer or the awesomely explosive BTB Heavies)

These are two very different game types, and the people who play one usually don’t enjoy the other, leaving players disappointed/frustrated. I love both game types, but sometimes I want to play one over the other, so it irks me just a bit when I join a BTB game looking to play 2 flag CTF and the group overwhelmingly picks Big Team Slayer and viceversa. You don’t see Team Slayer mixed with Team Objective. So I suggest splitting the playlist into two, there’s no real issue there and more people get what they want.

sick of people saying:
“make a playlist for it”

you cant just make playlist based on your judgment, and you cant do it for the same gametype, theres no point unless theres a huge difference.

ive heard really stupid things like playlists for shotty snipers etc. so dumb who would actually play that constantly?

we need mlg ffa!!!

No no no and did I say no.