Has there been any further discussion on adding split-screen to Halo 5? The last time I heard anyone talking about it the main argument was that isn’t possible with the current frames-per-second and whatever. Anyone have any insight?

- Mont

I haven’t heard anything but I don’t see it coming to halo 5 ever.

I think they are giving it up as a bad job. I got this from a review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlK6BcNY4NU at around 10:20 to 11:27
What they used is elements of the Halo 4 engine so that they could create some parts of the game. This meant that if they did split-screen co-op, the frame rate would be substantially lower, and 343i would not take a risk with the drop in frame rate, as it would crash the game, and people would say that the game was broke. Therefore, for them to actually put out a split-screen mode, they would either have to tone down some features of the environment and effects etc. or recreate the game from scratch on a different engine.

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