Split Screen

343i has ruined halo by removing split screen from the game. Quit trying to copy other competitors and build upon what has worked well for the past decade. I’m all about the innovation, but do it in a way that does not remove the positive features. If this is a tactic to sell more games than your in it for the wrong reasons. My friend and I both play halo. We both own halo 4 and MCC, but we prefer playing split screen and hanging out rather than hanging out virtually thru a mic lol. Halo 4 was pushed to its limits on the 360. I’m sure you can do the same with Halo 5 and make split screen work. Don’t think that all the new additions will make up for the subtractions. I will not buy your game without split screen. I’ll stick to H4 dominating on meta raid and big team chillin with my buddy having a great time. Graphics aren’t everything, but don’t fool us with the framerate drop bs. You can cater to both communities. There could easily be online multiplayer that has a lower frame rate for players that enjoy split screen and multiplayer that caters to the gamers looking for the best graphics and framerate. Don’t sit back and wait to how the community responds to your screw ups like you did with MCC. Listen to your fans and understand what has worked well in the past and what can be improved upon while adding innovation. Bungee did it. I believe in you 343i

There’s a thread for this already.