Split-Screen on PC?

As title suggest, does anyone know if they have said anything about split-screen being on PC?

no, they are pulling another mcc by not listing it under the features on steam. so no split screen…but it could change, if enough players kick up stink like with the mcc.
makes the whole play anywhere thing worthless if only the console game has 100% of all the features. it’s great it’s on pc but why do we always get the short end of things?

there’s simply no good reason for not including it on pc halo games when xbox players are getting it for the forseeable future.

and then the trolls will say no one plays split screen games on pc which is just dumb.

Man I hope they are just waiting to slowly announce these things cause if MCC is already confirmed to get split-screen later on in the year I really dont see the reasoning for not including it to Halo Infinite.