Split-screen is gone

OK so i was going to play some halo 5 with my father on split-screen when I find out that there is no split-screen. And I write this in anger and frustration as my dad is playing it mere minutes after we find this out so I beg of the devs to make a patch for split-screen.

Sad thing is they cant make a patch for it for this game. From what I understand is because the game runs 60fps they couldn’t add it. So we are stuck with what we have. Maybe Halo6 will have split screen. But I just don’t think we will see that feature added this game. Sorry but I feel your pain. I was shocked it didn’t have it either. Unless there is a miracle I think we are stuck for this game with out it. :-/


Sorry OP but it’s not possible for split screen to be added to Halo 5. You’re welcome to discuss split screen here: Official Split-Screen Thread