Split screen hud too small?

I have had quite a hard time trying to read the information given to me in split screen. The hud is already quite difficult on a single screen to read but in split screen I have a lot of difficulty seeing my reticle, grenades, ammo, etc. I hope they make it larger in the future.

I played it with my sister, the HUD is painful to look at with a splitscreen set up

The HUD, text on-screen, and really everything looks pretty bad in split screen. I very much hope they optimize it better.

just made a custom split screen game and the borders did not support widescreen. Hopefully this gets fixed later on.

Something that may help for now (until we eventually get customizable huds):

  1. Increase text size- this increases the text size in the menus, BUT it also enlarges various HUD elements. Even just increasing the size by 1 count will have a noticeable impact in-game.

  2. Increase reticle opacity, and reticle outline thickness and opacity. Turn it up even all the way; it really helps.