Split-screen Frame rate Drop

Ive been playing some matchmaking (from what little games ive found) solo and the game itself plays fine but when i got a buddy over and try to split screen every game has a SEVERE Dip in Frame-rate. IS this a bug souly because Microsofts console can not handle the Resolution/fps? Has anyone else had this issue?

Yes, its normal for the game to go to 30fps in split screen.

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> Yes, its normal for the game to go to 30fps in split screen.

You haven’t tried it because it goes way below 30…

I tried 4 players split screen on H2A and it was unplayable. Textures not loading. 15-20 FPS at most…

It’s incredible that the original Xbox was able to maintain a perfect 30 fps 10 years ago and now we’re crippled with a broken split screen.

It’s like they didn’t even test it.

> 2573485501363443;2:
> Yes, its normal for the game to go to 30fps in split screen.

as Bigvince said it dips WAY below 30fps. mine is 15fps at most as well. its awful.

It bugs me that splitcreen co-op resolution is different for each game too, halo 4 is a terribly small res compared to Halo CE. Absolutely no improvement on 360 version from what ive played. Textures a few metres away not loading etc… Puts me off playing halo 4 unless im solo

4P split is totally unusable. Even halo 4 is way worse than on the 360. Driving me crazy. Just shelled out for an XBox One and 4 controllers for this game specifically, would have definitely gone for a PS4 if I’d known. Gotta check on some return policies.

Same problem here, in fact this has dragged on so halo 4, and worse, is that even in H2A, there is also the problem. I can not understand how 343i having a more usable hardware waste it this way, I hope you guys 343i see this post and really commit us to fix this, because the split screen in this game is one of its main features and multiplayer is no exception, 343i, I asked a player who snubbed even with all that they have given us; continues to have some confidence that they have the potential to solve this, please do not disappoint us. Excuse me for my english i mexican, regards

yea sadly it does get slow on SS. I also hate that it splits up my friends and I on the same box to different teams. After the dust settles I think I will be enjoying this game more and more. H2A MP is actually really fun I can’t wait to play some more.

Given the circumstances and behavior of the frame rate drop, I think that it’s happening not because the Xbox One cannot handle the extra work, but the possibility that the MCC is doing way too much in the main thread. I understand, as a computer programmer, that multi threading is a pain in the -Yoink-, but seriously though? 5-10 fps? Someone isn’t a good programmer, or very lazy.