Split Screen Death

I am utterly disappointed with the NO SPLIT SCREEN on Halo 5. After waiting for this game, to finally buy the Xbox One I sat and watched my husband play. The split screen has been a main stay of Halo since the beginning, a social aspect of the game which is essential to game play bringing friends and family together. What on Earth has possessed you to remove it 343? Multiplayer is enabling multiples of players to play on one console! COMPLETELY different from online gaming!

A suggested solution from the Xbox team - buy another console! Brilliant, let’s buy three more so that when my grandson and son come around we can all play together again. But wait, that means I need three more TV’s as well and a new house to keep it all in!

I have played the split screen since the beginning with my husband, son and also grandson. I play halo 4 online with split screen every night to meet up with friends and family in our own virtual pub! I am absolutely shocked that 343 has killed multiplayer gaming.

I would really appreciate your views on this complaint as trying to find the normal complaints procedure is like trying to pan for gold!

Wolf Kaiyote

Here is the official split-screen thread.

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> Here is the official split-screen thread.

Please use this thread to discuss this topic, thanks.