Split Screen and Online Guest Play

Has anyone else had issues with playing split screen or adding a guest while playing online?

First off Halo: Master Master Chief Collection does not allow me to have 3 other guests to play with me on Split Screen. I only have my own profile on my Xbox and when 3 of my friends try and play with me it will not let them. It only lets guest(1) and guest(2) join, and never a 3rd guest. Even getting guest(2) is a freaking hassle and will not let them join. This is one of the most frustrating things trying to play Halo, since the split screen play is what has drawn me to this game in the first place. To be able to hang out with my friends and get into heated battles while we all play next to each other is the whole point of a multiplayer shooter. So i am not sure what is holding us back from playing all together on one screen, but it is the most frustrating thing i have experienced in Halo.

Also if i try to play online with even just one guest(1) (if it allows me to have a guest), the continually says that i need to sign in again because that controller is already in use. I am using two different controllers obviously but it continually said both controllers were signed in already, which is obviously not the case. This then prevented us from playing any online game since it said we needed to sign in again.

Both of these issues has made me so upset with the game, and does not make me want to play it any longer. Is there any fix to these issues? Am i the only one experiencing these issues? Let me know.

I have had this exact issue, months ago. Same warning about the controller currently being in use. Although for me it works to add one un-named guest, i.e. guest(1), the problem occurs when me and a friend both with XBL accounts try to both log in to the same console and play split screen. I get the controller in use errors, and then it also does this weird thing where it changes all my controller settings to match my buddy’s, and we can’t fix it without signing us both out.

so, we gave up trying to play split screen… sad. I like to drink a beer with a buddy and play split-screen.