Split req pack contents?

Pretty simple thing, people seem to like the idea of splitting the cosmetic contents from the weapons, and vehicles reqs. I honestly would rather see it this way because in light of how people are getting. This could actually help, if we operate on the same principle mass effect 3 did for pack in multiplayer why not just do a 4th for cosmetics since, it wouldn’t really effect gameplay the pack could be worth 15000 req making the contents harder to aquire as the emblems would be higher chance drop rate but with a bit of a chance for common to uncommon with the drop. You would get one helmet and one armor common or uncommon as base rate for armor drop. Though, that is up for change in this topic.

If the cosmetics were split, and I didn’t have to unlock weapons to use them (the DMR), then I’d be OK with the system. But as it stands, I despise the REQ system.

Yeah, don’t see why not. Except that it could happen that somebody focuses so much on unlocking armor that he doesn’t have many cards to use in Warzone.