Split odst armors and reach elite armors for the game

All the Odst in the game has a similar look to it but each has small changes such as chest attachments leg attachments, helmets, different shoulders, and/or different backpack if at all. So it would be pretty cool if 343 would do this for us.

Halo: Reach Elites:
The Reach elites looks like it was in some way intended to split up the armor and have a full customization. It has shoulders, chest, arms, legs, and helmet. So it would be awesome if 343 would split the armors and have a full customization.


It is very, very unlikely that a modular customization capability will be added to MCC ODST.
What is considerably more likely is that those armor components are ported to H3, subsequently dispersed to the relevant categories, given fitting designations, etc.
If ODST receives any further customization options, they would likely go with the same complete models as with the characters of Alpha-Nine + Sgt. Johnson, potentially as follows;

  • Marine Pilot
  • NMPD Officer
  • Miranda Keyes
  • Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood
  • Warehouse worker 1
  • Warehouse worker 2
  • Marine 1
  • Marine 2
  • Marine 3
  • Medic Marine
  • Ethan Graves
  • Marcus Hudson
  • Victor Ramos
  • Ava Lang

In my opinion, the latter four characters ought to have received character models in ODST instead of/before their armor was ported and distributed into H3. Perhaps the voice actors were unable to be contracted for VA work with regards to Firefight dialogue.

While it would be nice if 343i would split the Reach MP Elite models into individual armor components for a modular customization system, the fact that the Reach hologram glitch:

The result of the glitch would create a randomized character model along with armor details. If the Hologram creator uses an Elite model, the hologram will have a white Minor armor and a random Armor Effect. The same applies to the Spartan model, whereby the hologram will get any randomised armor in the game.

does not, as in the quote above, randomly split up an Elite player’s armor into an assortment of different components while a Spartan could be completely randomized, with individual modules that are not even obtainable for the relevant armor component in place… this indicates the opposite of the OP’s prior hypothesis:

The Reach elites looks like it was in some way intended to split up the armor and have a full customization.

Besides, the potential of going through the trouble of splitting up the Elite armor and overhauling the Elite customization UI is likely to take second place in popularity compared to the possibility of enabling full modular customization for Spartan armor components, like as shown with the hologram-glitched Spartan models.

If Reach ever gains any sort of additional armor configurations for Elites, they will likely be full model ports from H3… though the reverse possibility is considerably more likely (eg. porting Reach Elite armor components to H3).

Actually, here’s something interesting: Outside of Veronica Dare, it’s actually possible in ODST’s engine. In Halo Reach, Elite variants are single objects: You have an Elite techsuit, and then the armor. It’s not divided by pieces like Spartans. In ODST, however, it’s divided by multiple pieces: Helmet, helmet accessories, gear, left shoulder on/off, bug spatter, character head, and chest. There may be more too. The most difficult application would be applying it to Dare, as her model isn’t shared between standard ODSTs. The second most difficult aspect would be applying character specific traits to the gear. Like, if you choose Mickey as your character, but gave him Romeo’s gear, then the blood type will be Romeo’s.

So it’s not that unlikely. I don’t think it’ll happen, but it’s definitely possible, 343 has done more labor intensive stuff for the Master Chief Collection. Elites would be more difficult since resources between player models and enemy characters are shared.

…Huh, I stand corrected then.

The second most difficult aspect would be applying character specific traits to the gear. Like, if you choose Mickey as your character, but gave him Romeo’s gear, then the blood type will be Romeo’s.

One possible solution to this inconsistency could be to break off the medical infoplate into its own customization category (perhaps “Emblems” or such?), or otherwise remove the indicator from the texture file altogether (as 343i did with the original H3 techsuit).

The other solution would be to break up the OG character-based customization to be more similar to the customization system as in H3+, changing the list of

  • Rookie
  • Mickey (+Helmet)
  • Dutch (+Helmet)
  • Romeo (+Helmet)
  • Injured Romeo (+Helmet)
  • Buck (+Helmet)
  • Sgt. Johnson
  • Dare (+Helmet)

into something more like

  • Heavy Armor (Alpha-Nine + Johnson equivalent)
  • Light Armor (Dare equivalent)


  • Helmet
  • Torso (probably +Legs)
  • (X) Shoulder
  • Back accessory
  • Firefight voice (character voices here)
  • Armor Effects (Chest injury, bug splatter)

Helmet category would have the unmasked head options within it, as well as the usual options of:

  • Standard Issue (Rookie equivalent)
  • ONI Attache (Dare equivalent)
  • Squad Leader (Buck equivalent)
  • Heavy Ordnance (Dutch equivalent)
  • Sapper (Mickey equivalent)
  • Marksperson / Overwatch (Romeo equivalent)

As said before, the medical infoplate could either be added back in as an individual customization option, or maybe turned into an emblem option and thus relocated to wherever the emblem placement zone is on the ODST model (conversely altering the Alpha-Nine character models in the same manner).

OG ODST models could remain partially ‘intact’ under an “Armor Kit” category, the list of which could be expanded with complete character models from Halo 3 as in my prior post.

As previously posted above, the Elite model in Reach ever being segmented is considerably unlikely. The most that will probably ever be done for Reach Elites might be a toggle option to remove their helmet, as teased (very rarely) by the hologram glitch in Reach.

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unlike the other titles including Reach, the ODST customization isn’t really customization, it was always intended for playing as A character not YOUR character. reworking it to be like any of the other titles undermines the original intent completely by renaming the characters to be generic titles while removing their armor and replacing the character with a loadout. you’re no longer playing as Buck, Dare, The Rookie, etc., and that kinda takes away from the games charm and individuality.

I do wholeheartedly believe more ODST character’s should be added from throughout the lore though, Stacker being one of the first, possibly even Chipps and Miranda after. heck, maybe they could even add some silly non-canon fracture ones if they could secure characters from some of the other Microsoft properties (a similar case to when Emile and Kat were added as characters to Gears of War).

as an aside, I do find it funny how unlike the more feminine Reach and 4 designs, the Female biped in ODST could actually pass as light armor.


The inclusion of emblems and colors and finding duplicates of the same ODST in a match kinda throw that into ambiguity, but you have a point, the focus of the entire game is around the six guys. Especially with the immense amount of dialogue they have, these guys chatter more than the Reach voices I think. I’m also always interested in seeing which character people choose, but never the armor differences, they’re hard to notice in gameplay. Fortunately, potential visor colors wouldn’t veer from that. If the transparent visor is introduced from the campaign, it could help.

Customization would introduce a problem of lost potential that we couldn’t get character styles different from traditional ODSTs either like, as you said, Miranda or a Halo 2-styled Trooper. I’ve always thought an injured Sergeant Johnson, using his beat-up texture from the end of Halo 3 and Romeo’s busted chest, would be a cool opportunity as well.

On the other hand, I could also see Rookie playing a similar role to Noble 6 as a soldier that could be customized considering the two characters are basically the same. I assumed that was the case when I first played the game as a kid. If that’s added, people would go rabid for an option to customize the Chief in campaign, something I’ve never been hugely fond of for the same reason against custom ODSTs.

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