Spirt of Fire

I just had the thought that what if in one of the new halo trilogys that Master Cheif finds the MIA Spirt of Fire and its crew. This would add more characters into the game because of the lack their seems to be in the begining for Halo 4 as we all can predict. You would be able to play 4 palyer co-op as the Cheif and three menmbers of Red teams Spatan 2’s. plus a few other characters and posibly a way for master cheif to return to earth and declare he is not dead to the fellow marines that belive he parished at the end of the war.

Tell me what your thoughts are.

Ima take every thing you just said and declare it here.

343i make Halo Wars 2 happen.

halo wars 2 isnt what i was thinking probaly halo 4,5or 6 is what i was thinking about

i made a thread that had a story line for this same topic!
its kinda long but ill post a link here if you want me to.

ya go for it i didnt see yours so ok

> ya go for it i didnt see yours so ok

ok here you go my boy.
warning its very long and im not a good writer.

that would be awesome but think of the damadge chief could do if he does meet up with them and then runs in to blue team then players 1-4 could chose wich sparten to be (the rson i say blue team is it was said glasslands will shed light on halo 4 and it starts with blue team s3 and cpo mendez and dr. hailsy)

ya that is a very good idea u. do u have people on the inside of 343i telling u H4 story lin lol.

Lord that would be immensely awesome. Imagine being able to fly a Hawk, drive a Grizzly…or pilot a Vulture! The sheer power of it all…