Spirit Of Fire = Halo 6's secret weapon

One can’t help wonder when good ole Captain Lasky of Infinity says we’re not gonna quit random jumping until we find a way to stop her (paraphrasing), if he’s setting out to look for the Spirit of Fire. One of the few remaining AI that has no clue about Cortana’s treason is on that ship. Serena. Granted she’s over 28 years old and may be rampant but she was supposed to the AI that surpases Cortana if I remember what was said in Halo Wars 1. She might of even found a way or was invented in such a way that rampancy doesn’t exist. I feel that there should be more of a backstory than was given like a book or something but the fact remains. The Spirit of Fire has Spartan 2’s on it that could level the playing field. They also have weapons and tech that hasn’t been seen for awhile so it might be just the curveball that the UNSC needs to win the game.

  • Serena and Cortana are created by scientists who were in competition with each other so the AI’s might as well be too - Extra Spartan 2’s that haven’t aged due to 28 years of Cryo sleep might just help the Chief out - The modified weapons that The Spirit of Fire contains may just be an extra boost that we need in Campaign. (2 barrel Scorpion tank) - The scientist that created Serena was in Cryo as well. Her mind will be sharper than Dr. Halsey and might be able to collaborate with her to stop Cortana and created.That’s all I got. What do you think? Yes I know we don’t know when Halo Wars 2 will take place but 28 years after the last date mentioned in Halo wars would place us close to Halo 5 I think.

Hold on, Serena was created long before Cortana. Halo wars was set 21 years before the events of Combat Evolved.

As for spirit of fires involvement. I highly doubt it, but halo wars 2 has to come out first, so we’ll know more then.