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Want to learn what happened to the Spirit of Fire and its crew? Come join the 162nd ODST at:


Spirit of Fire

Evac Halo is a website for the 162nd ODST we play a gametype called Evac created by Spartan Team Aurora

Looking for dedicated respectful members to bring with us into Halo 4.

Our story follows Aurora team on Halo Instillation 02 batteling the flood. Teamed up with the Spirit of Fire crew, Aurora has to find a way to stop the infection from spreading.

343 has play tested our Evac gametype and they seem to enjoy it so i know you will too.

Feet First into Hell


I’m pretty sure that this is against the forum rules…

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I’ve moved this to community creations. I assume this is a gametype you have created in Forge?

Yes thank you very much

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> Maybe put this in Recruiting?

The amount of times I’ve said that to people this week -_-

i have a question that has nothing to do with what we’re tlking about:What day of the weewk do rooster teeth release new RvB episodes

Not a clue