Spirit of Fire appearing in Halo Infinite?

If the upcoming Halo Infinite have the longest campaign missions, could we see the Spirit of Fire appearing in the new Halo video game? Maybe we can finally see Master Chief meet Ellen Anders, James Cutter and Jerome-092 in one of the campaign levels from Halo Infinite?

to be honest I’m sure were all wondering what would happen if blue team and Red team ever crossed over from the games.

I doubt its going to happen in infinite but not gonna deny, defiantly would love to see it along with the entire Spirit of Fire .

I believe the idea is that Infinite is more of a Master Chief centred story. So I personally doubt we’ll see SoF in any huge way.

With that being said the Halo Wars and regular Halo games are converged a bit with their stories. I’m not sure if you’ve read the new Halo book Shadows of Reach but I believe there is some references to Halo Wars 2 in there. There’s also mentions of Guardians. So these worlds are definitely colliding.

I’d say we’re more likely to see SoF in a Story Expansion for Infinite or a spin off game.

Maybe Anders will show up because she was stuck on that Ring at the end of Halo Wars 2?

Maybe somewhere down the line both story bubbles would collide but I think they’re keeping them seperate for the time being. Plus Halsey and Anders don’t even like each other, I wouldn’t want to see them argue.

The game is supposed to last for 10 years. Continually being updated with campaign story expansions throughout that period. So there is a high possibility they will use it as future content.

I agree with everyone that been here so far in the fact that I doubt the Spirt of Fire will show up in the main campaign but the crew appearing as the center of a story expansion I think is highly likely. With all of that said seeing the Spirt of Fire and her crew showing up possibly on the ring or just colliding with Chief in Infinite would be incredible.

Of course, you have the story and character interaction potential. I personally would love to see Cheif and Blue Team interact with Red Team considering Red Team was considered MIA for years and seeing Blue Teams’ reaction to realizing that they are in fact alive but missed out from half the war would be interesting. Kelly-07 reaction to all of this I think would be extremely interesting considering she seems more social compared to the other members of Blue Team, Second person in that regard I think is Fred-104. Story-wise as well you have to consider that the SoF crew is used to the Banished to some extent at least and that could be viable information for any other UNSC forces that are fighting them after the main story for Halo Infinite, with the idea in mind that the conflict does that end by the main story that is. Captain Cutter especially could fill the void of the Navy officer for the story if Lasky does bite the bullet and it would actually go inline a bit with some of the talk 343 has said about going back to the original vision and roots of the franchise. What I mean is that similar to H1 we would have a grizzled old Captain, an old warship, & be stuck on a Halo ring again and able to explore it (As was the original vision for H1 before it had to be scaled back) Of course with the nature of where the story is and what we know about the game it would not be exactly the same or in the same order as the original Halo but a lot of similar elements could appear over time that harkens back to the birth of the universe.

Besides all of the character and story stuff you also have to consider the gameplay potential
The SoF is carrying some tech from over 25 years ago, with some vehicles we have never had a chance you use in an FPS Halo game such as the Cyclops, Cobra, Vulture, Hawk, and of course, I know a lot of the community would die to use the Grizzly Tank. The other thing to consider is the new stuff added in Halo Wars 2 such as the Nightingale, Masterton, Bison, Mark II Colossus, and many more characters and gear that is unique to the SoF either due to its age or the modifications from Halo Wars 2. The other thing I was considering is that until HW2 the UNSC has never really had a dedicated APC Vehicle, yes we have had mentions of Warthog APCs in novels and we can all remember the loveable Troop Hog from H3 and Reach, and of course, we have our air transports in the Falcon and our old friend the Pelican but we have never really had a true ground base APC for the UNSC until HW2. I think if an SoF expansion does appear then adding one of the APCs from HW2 would be a great addition to the game considering it is an open world to a decent extent from what Is being said and the game has been confirmed to support 4 players online co-op. In short now after writing all of this I will end by saying that I really do hope that SoF does show up sometime and interact with Cheif and our main cast (Whomever that may be) since there is a large amount of potential here and I hope it is not missed out on.

After writing all of that I will end by saying in short it would be fantastic to see the SoF interact with our main cast and be in a mainline Halo game. I often do not post and am actually just getting back into Halowaypoint so the fact I just wrote a nearly 4k letter response to this is quite shocking to me. I hope you enjoyed the read through and Happy New Year as well.

I think the SoF will at least be mentioned. I personally hope that the Pilot seen in the trailer is from the spirit of fire because it will help new fans get familiar with halo’s concepts from chief having to explain stuff such as the Created, the Swords, Spartans, and that stuff. From my post in halo infinite campaign theories


I stated that the battle was more likely fought by the spirit of fire as they then were overwhelmed and had to retreat.