Spin-off game ideas for Halo?

Arby gets a game about his conquest to regain sanghelios from covenant control, with Shipmaster as his sidekick


Yap yap/titan fall/grunt mech arena?

A music game would be sweet. XD

a Halo rhythm game ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

They could give the Halo mmo another try.

I’ve been dreaming of this game since 07! One day maybe.

Halo Wars 3 when? I’d love to see them continue the Spirit of Fire’s story and improve upon Halo Wars 2. While HW2 was fun, it felt inferior to its predecessor in certain aspects. The main thing that comes to mind is that maps in HW1 had more interactivity than those in HW2.

It’d also be cool if the game could become a bit closer to a pc RTS so that it could garner more of a pc following as well, with the added bonus of adding more depth to the game.

I think spirit of Fire will be in Halo Infinite at the least to tie off the Banished arc

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A ship fighting game. So few of them exist out there and it would be pretty awesome to have like a chess match style/ RTS. Not so much creating new ships and seeing them out the battle but different mechanics and different ships for different fights.

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