Spike TV VGA 2011 possible reveal of new Halo 4 trailer?

Spike TV’s Video Game Awards have been the opportunity for game developers to release new game trailers in the past, is it possible that a new Halo 4 trailer will be released? Here is a link to Spike TV’s site. The show will broadcast live on 12.10.11. Keep your fingers crossed.

There better be a new trailer soon.

Don’t try to keep your hopes too high up though, they may or may not be able to show the new Halo 4 trailer. But still, it would be nice at least.

I have a feeling they’ll go the pattern Reach did:

-E3 teaser trailer
-Concept Art trailer
-VGA trailer

-Epic MP Beta trailer
-Some viDOC’s
-E3 trailers(campaign & firefight)
-Few more trailers
-VGA award trailer

That sounds very probable.

There has to be a new trailer soon Im dying to see one so bad.