Spike in cheaters... Because of low pop?

The last few days I’ve noticed a particularly large increase in the number of cheaters I play against (I’m talking super blatant). I’m not sure if this is because of more people acquiring cheats, or if the player population is so low it’s basically only cheaters playing now. What leads me to think this is that I now get stacks of cheaters in a match. Sometimes 3 just on the enemy team. If it’s not cheaters it’s people afk (I assume because they spent so long to find a game they walked away or something and forgot they were searching).

Anyone else experiencing an increase with cheaters, either on your team or the enemy team?

If you’re using a console that might be the problem.

I’m on PC. Thinking I might just have to let my SBMM tank and see if that changes things

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A few games iv’e gone back and watched match thinking was cheaters and seemed more like the desync in most of them, but have found a few that were deffo cheating

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