Spike grenade needs a buff

I find they’re pretty useful to carry around for small spaces & rooms, really efficient of clearing

Agree Even in closed rooms with an enemy over them they don’t shot
It’s strange


Im not sure if you still dont understand that in Halo 3 spike grenade can kill a fully shielded spartan. it DONT need to stick to kill. it has a large kill radius. (lenght of a warthog)

What you are describing is something a regular frag nade can do just fine. Spike grenade in Infinite is just a frag nade 2.0 only it can stick and track but dont kill fully shielded player.
Frag nades role is to flush enemy out from rooms.

Like MS_Ark said:

"Spike Grenade Lethality is… still extremely questionable.

fully shielded Target generally won’t die, even at point blank ranges most time it seems,
It would defiantly knock out their shields at least.

Even a mid shield target might not die from Spike exposure.
The Spike Nade is more a gamble, since there are a ton of blind spots you can sit, or even simply be futher away from its explosion and you can avoid 90% of its damage…"

Yet i still want a video there you show a spike grenade in Infinite can kill a fully shielded spartan

So after looking at the two I believe the big difference is the explosion radius and damage. It seems the explosion for Infinite is very small and only does damage to what it sticks to. meaning that the only AoE damage it does is with the spikes which are a little RNG. H3 spike had a small blast radius, but it did add to the damage. This would seem to be the main difference in how these two versions function and deal damage.

I will say that one of my favorite things to do in H3 was to lure a shotgun or energy sword into a bubble shield and toss a spike grenade inside as I back step out. Sit back and watch the chaos and carnage.

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Yes i agree. Feels RNG. tried the spike nade on a bot and see the spikes completly missing him. sometimes they get a tiny damage and sometimes the entire shield is taken out.

YESS i miss doing that in Halo 3 xD

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Im aware of the damage a spike grenade can technically do in halo 3.

It however never actually does this because the spike explosion is incredibly small. Once you see someone stick the wall you have ample time to move.

I played halo 3 for a good decade or so. I was killed by spike grenades (that didn’t stick me) less than 10 times.

In infinite, you’re good for 2-3 spike kills per game, especially on bazaar or streets.

They are stronger, significantly so. The fact that they are literally heatseeking makes them uniquely strong in certain situations, while previously they were literally just worse stickies.

Well i have never died to a spike nade on Infinite due to how easy it is to dodge them and the RNG they have on their tracking.

somtimes they completly miss you
somtimes 1/5 of the shield is taken
sometimes half of my shield
sometimes entire shield
But never kills you unless you are crouched on top it.

Played like an hour with a bot and only used spike grenade…its such a huge RNG on it.

It was strong in the first flight they had and i did die to them more on the first flight.
But never died to one in the full game believe it or not.
its too easy to get out of the killbox.
Yes i know the spikes goes very far from the blast, but since the RNG is such high on the spike, im more afraid of a frag nade then a spike nade that feels like someone throws a paintball nade that does nothing.

Also there is no way you can remember how many times a spike nade has killed you on Halo 3 for that many years xD
Few years maybe, but not for over 10 years…just saying

You aren’t able to dodge spikes in infinite. You can in halo 3.

They literally track you.

Stay in AR starts I guess lol, whatever you need to tell yourself dude.

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Dude i spended over a hour with throwing spikes at a bot.
im telling you spike nades has a RNG…
when i see the bot that dont care about the nade just dodge it like nothing. yes the nade was close.
Dont come and say you cant dodge them when i spent over a hour using only spike nades on a bot to test it more out.

When was the last time you played Halo Infinite? sounds to me you have not played it in ages and you are only on the forum…

show me RAW gameplay video of you trying the spike nades on a bot and show me this undodgable tracking of the nade. Show me you take 100% away their shield on each try. bet you cant due to the huge RNG :smiley:
also why should i stay in AR starts? does not make any sense…this has nothing to do with Spike nades lol.


Dudes talking about grenades and you throw AR starts. You’re going to judge people for using guns that are featured in the game? Simmer down and check your inflated ego.


This has nothing to do with this thread. You need to pump the breaks because you’re starting to sound like one of those casual hating pros.

Keep it clean
Keep it civil


Spike grenades are extremely powerful, I don’t get your perspective… It just doesn’t add up to reality.

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If you’re throwing them on the ground and they are not close/no ceiling/walls above and or around them the grenade is less effective.

It would be extremely annoying to have a grenade that would basically track you in open space and just bring you to 1 shot. Your logic is pretty bad tbh.

Seems like i also have to explain this to you aswell

Did you see the video i posted?
Have i ever said to use it in open? No
I tested 1 hour on a bot throwing Spike grenade at him in close corridor.
Spike grenade has a huge RNG…

(this is in close corridors)
“”"“somtimes they completly miss you”"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
somtimes 1/5 of the shield is taken
sometimes half of my shield
sometimes entire shield
“”"“But never kills you unless you are crouched on top it.”"""""

You think my logic is bad? Whats the point of having a nade with huge RNG values when a simple frag nade throw in the corridor with no RNG does the same job? Yeah i see the spikes shoots very far. But when the bot i threw close on the wall to him (1 step away distance) and got random damage with the spike grenade. Bot didnt try to dodge it cuz its focused on shooting me.

If you gonna prove to me they are good.
1 Make a video there ONLY throw on a FULL shielded spartan (Bot or a friend)
2 link it here so i can see that maybe i was right about it.

This none sense denial of people saying its better then the Halo 3 spike grenade. The H3 one can kill you a warthog lenght away and the Infinite one you can stand on top of and it does not kill you . Does not matter how much you try to say its good, when you dont have any solid proof of video showing what it can do. I will still say its weak and should be buffed.
When i say buffed, it can also mean make it less RNG with the spikes .

I have not watched the videos, but I am stating my opinion from personal experiences with them. I’ll take a look at them.

The video you posted just shows you throwing the spike on walls expecting them to hit you?

You realize that they track enemy players right?

Also, the initial explosion does not have tracking, it’s after the shards hit a wall/ceiling/floor they have honing. Nothing of what you said makes sense and they are working as intended, and are a lot more powerful than you are leading them to be, I think you are just improperly using them.

it was a damage test Halo Infinite vs Halo 3

Yeah i know

What does not make sense? be more constructive on what you mean.
I did obviusly not make a video on a bot. If this does not make sense. i suggest you jump on the game and play against a bot and only use Spike grenade.
Show me that it does not have RNG

(this is in close corridors)
“”"“somtimes they completly miss you”"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
somtimes 1/5 of the shield is taken
sometimes half of my shield
sometimes entire shield
“”"“But never kills you unless you are crouched on top it.”"""""

This was tested on a bot while i throw the spikes at the wall near the bot.
Maybe you can jump on and practice on bots by only throwing spike grenade on fully shielded bot.
my OP is the spike grenade feels somewhat weaker then Halo 3 spike grenade due to it can kill from the wall while infinite can only kill if the player has taken some damage unless bad RNG strikes them and get not hit by any of the spikes.
First flight beta the spike nade was in fact strong enough to kill a fully shielded player while now it cant

Since the Spike nade can only take away the full shield like a frag nade, makes it more like a frag nade 2.0 only that it can stick and track . But both nades do the same role as flushing targets out and take out their shields.

the fact there are some people here that also thinks its weak.

I’ve already done what you are asking me to do. You make it seem like complete RNG, which in some way it can be but for the most part in my testing it isn’t really.

its all about the placement compared to the position of the enemy. the ricochet matters because after that is where the tracking starts. So if your initial nade spot is bad it wont track well because of many circumstances.

I find spikes to be really strong and broken because they can hit you from further range than any other nade. Sometimes spikes are lethal, sometimes they clip your shield enough to make you stay weak so people can finish. They are a very good utility and any stronger they would be a big issue.

Thanks for testing this one out.
You might be right on this, but i feel the spike should be able to kill.
They could buff the damage and decrease the range…like there are many ways they can change it.
What i think on what they should be buffed is the initial explosion, when it detonate. Like if you stand very close to it, it should kill you.

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I’m top 100 in cross play ATM. I play the game constantly, don’t know why you’d assume I don’t play.

Spikes sucked in h3, and are bonkers in this game. If you think otherwise, you aren’t good enough to use them.

Throwing grenades at bots doesn’t somehow make you understand how the nades are supposed to be used.

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