Spike grenade needs a buff

Was testing out the dmg of the Spike grenade vs Halo 3 Spike grenade
Was very suprised the Halo 3 one could kill me from range while Halo Infinite not at all.
You can stand on top of it and still it does not kill…

I dont see the reason to have the spike grenade in the game when its very weak and that you have to be very very close to it for it to do damage. Its not even fun to use them anymore.

I feel i could kill someone easier with Ravager or plasma pistol then using Spike grenades

Go on Halo 3 and test the range of the spike grenade and jump on Halo Infinite and test it out…


Yeah they seem kinda weak.


Yeah, outside of a stick they are basically worthless.


the fact that they stick to walls and other surfaces is the main gimmick, but if it’s weak then i agree, what is the point? i hadn’t really payed attention to the damage of the spike since i use it like a plasma to just stick people and vehicles.

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It’s easier to die from your own spike grenade at twenty feet away then it is to kill an enemie standing ten feet away.

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Did you do your testing out in the open or in a closed in area? The Infinite spike grenades treat me pretty well in closed spaces like Fragmentation’s middle room or the shotgun room on Bazzar


Spike grenades are much, much stronger in infinite than they are in halo 3.

They literally just do what they did in h3 but better. They track now.

Spike grenading out specific areas on maps nets you a kill where nothing else does, because of said tracking.

You are using them wrong.


They are mainly used in smaller buildings or tight areas as a way of finishing off or damaging enemies.

For example if I was playing ranked on Bazaar and my team has alerted me that there is a half shielded spartan in basement I would throw the grenades inside basement.


I did this in a close area and even stood on top of it and i survived

How is it stronger then the H3 one when i litterly stood on top of my own spike grenade and it did not kill me.
while in H3 it kills me from range
When was the last time you tested the spike grenade?

Because people don’t stand on spike grenades in actual gameplay. Range matters, and is one of the most important things in halo. https://twitter .com/FrostyBB/status/1512576050034794498

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explain this then

Halo Infinite:
https://www .youtube.com/watch?v=bvdNkE2zFLk

Halo 3:
https://www .youtube.com/watch?v=OrbOWSSD2Ro

The Spike grenade has always been kinda redundant. It’d be nice if it could be retooled to fill the role of the Halo 5 forerunner made whose name I forget. The one that exploded into several floating bombs that could momentarily block pathways.

Imagine if the spike grenade behaved as it does now, but the exploded spikes impaled surfaces such that walking on them or bumping into them on the wall did damage.

Anyway, back in reality, idk what kinda buff is gonna make me use it as anything other than additional stickies.

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Note how my clip is of pro play, with people who understand the game competitively, and yours is someone just standing in front of a wall.

People don’t stand in front of a wall and stare at spike grenades during ACTUAL gameplay.

The spike grenade is incredibly strong and if you can’t see that, its a skill issue.

This is just a lame explaination. has nothing to do with competitvely at all.
Spike grenades was good in the beta and now it does almost nothing.
i would have gotten the same result if i threw it in a tight coridor.

Please show me you killing a fully shielded spartan with a spike grenade, i bet you cant.

Its not supposed to 1 shot people? That’s not the point. Neither do Dynamo grenades, and those are a neutral power item.

Spikes aren’t useful in halo 3, straight up. if you don’t stick someone you will never get a kill with them, basically.

In infinite you constantly get kills with spikes because they LOCK THE HELL ONTO YOU.

You shoot someone, then when they run to cover, you spike out the room and they die. Simple.

I don’t know the veracity of this claim,
Spike Grenade Lethality is… still extremely questionable.

fully shielded Target generally won’t die, even at point blank ranges most time it seems,
It would defiantly knock out their shields at least.

Even a mid shield target might not die from Spike exposure.

They Dynamo Grenades at least have the benefit of forcing someone to move, or sit still and die.
The Spike Nade is more a gamble, since there are a ton of blind spots you can sit, or even simply be futher away from its explosion and you can avoid 90% of its damage.

They really are not at all threatening. Given how easy they are too avoid.

You claimed in the first comment the spike grenade in halo infinite did much much better then Halo 3.

That it was like Halo 3 but better and it tracks.

Spike grenade in Halo 3 kills a fully shielded spartan/Elite by sticking or hit by the spikes thats comes flying out from the grenade

The video of the Halo 3 shows the distance it 1 shot you from distance. Keep in mind i did not test the maximum distance of it. Ever since Spike grenade came to Halo, it has always been a 1 shot grenade and thats a fact.

For me Spike grenade in Halo infinite does the same job as the frag grenade. Someone run to a corner, well i can just ricochet a frag in there and kill player.

If you die from a spike grenade in halo 3 without getting stuck, you are legit terrible.

If you aren’t getting kills with spike grenades in infinite however, you are using them incorrectly.

Spike grenades are incredibly strong for clearing out rooms that normal grenades hit due to the angles.

There’s a reason why every good players knows spikes are extremely strong.

I think the Infinite Spike deals more damage than the H3 one does, but this is due to more spikes and more spread, so H3’s may be more consistent in damage in an AoE, but Infinite’s really really hurt if you use it as they are designed in enclosed areas.

The best place to use Spikes though, are doorways. If you stick a Spike at the top or the bottom of the door frame, it explodes down or up in a shower ensuring maximum surface area damage to the target walking through it. Usually this fully drains shields and allows you to easily headshot them.

One more thing: you can actually repulse the Spike Grenade’s spikes as it explodes and it basically becomes a pocket shotgun. It will deal about 60% shield damage if used in this manner. Here’s a video detailing the interaction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asyHiIEbg1s

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