Spartan III Joshua G-217 reporting in

A quick review of the original SPI MK I

“The SPI Armor Mark I was used by the SPARTAN-IIIs of Alpha Company. It featured hardened plates and photo-reactive panels. Though advanced compared to standard UNSC infantry armor, it could only take a few glancing blows before failing.[2] It featured full body armor with an enclosed helmet and heads-up display, and a supply of breathable atmosphere; though only enough for seven minutes, compared to the MJOLNIR armor’s oxygen supply of ninety minutes. It was also equipped with a cushioning layer of liquid nanocrystals that provided more ballistic protection than three centimeters of Kevlar diamond weave, without the bulk. The featured photo-reactive panels gave the SPARTANs of Alpha Company a rough equivalent to Active camouflage. The camouflage patterns, however, shifted irregularly and imperfectly, which made the photo-reactive panels inferior compared to the Covenant’s Active camouflage technologies.”

MK II Being an upgrade of course.

My idea for MK-III

Add Shielding of course, A better photo reflecting panels system to not short out when theres a flash of light/plasma, and a stronger yet still lighter armor.

Add on if you’d like

Not sure if this a “Create your own SPI armor” thread or if you’re trying to figure out what a SPI mark III would theoretically be. Because the Mjolnir GEN-2 series of armor is essentially what the SPI III would have been if it existed.

Tbh SPI armour would likely only be used by non-Spartan operators now as I’m pretty sure unlike Mjolnir, it can be used by non-augmented humans. The remaining Spartan IIIs would be given Gen II Mjolnir armour like the IVs were, meaning SPI would no longer be needed by them.