Spent $58 on req packs....

All gold. And not a thing over rare…
-no ultra rare, ledgendary helmets, visors, armor, stances or weapons or emblems… Like wtf seriously done with that whole thing didnt even realize I spend that much over the course of 4 days… Seriously makes me feel like I just threw that money out the window… Honestly think you should just play the game and earn it… Because it’s a big rip off. Even when I earned the req points I still haven’t even gotten anything over ultra rare.

Why spent money in something free?

The way rarity works is that you’re more likely to unlock the lower level stuff than higher level.

Here. Let’s me inform you in a way to win against the Req system

Lazy link to waypoint thread

a tingf’s tips for success

  • Warzone assault can end in 5 mins and always grants around 1400 rp - Buy silver first to whittle down the number of uncommon-rare perma cards you can get. - Ignore micro-transactions and enjoy the game honestly the reqs aren’t that important.

If you spend the value of the game on REQs, then you most certainly did throw your money out the window, even if you had gotten a super rare item. Especially since packs can be earned for free with little effort.

You’re paying for RNG, you were never guaranteed anything.

Also don’t think your throwing your money away. By purchasing these Req packs your supporting 343 dlc plans. It may look like you wasted it, but down the road you can say you helped fund the dlc. I myself spent only 30$ on golds got crap, but look at it as I would’ve spent this money on maps or something else. Plus its kinda fun wondering what you may get.

Tough noodles.

That $58 could went to paying for Fallout 4.

That’s why I never pay for items that can be earned with free in-game currency.

Should’ve played the game for a while until you eliminated more of the lower level permanent stuff live certifications and low level armor. That would make that pack money more likely to go towards something better actually coming out of the packs you buy.

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