Spell Check in weekly challenge

The weekly challenge has a challenge “close encounter” to get a last shot / guardian angel or reversal… but the reversal is spelt “reveral”.


Yeah i saw that too lol

Not the first time they’ve done this.

Says allot

In game dev this is literally the lowest severity issue you can possibly have.

It says one of two things:

  1. QA was focused on things like functionality instead of cosmetic issues (significantly lower priority)
  2. QA doesn’t have a test case for spellchecking. This isn’t good, obviously, but hardly a big deal.

343 spellcheck? 1th folks know what’s up :wink:


Still can’t believe that made it in.

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This comes from the company that came up with 1th 2th and 3th place on the scoreboard, so that’s an improvement lol

We need spell check!