Speed lines keep returning on game restart/new game boot up

This has been happening since the game has launched. It’s really aggravating having to go into my settings and turning on and off my speed lines every time I log into play Halo.

Surely this is an easy fix, so please fix it.

And since Quick resume doesn’t work in Halo infinite, but works in COD somehow, you have to turn it on and off every new session.


Have a look through some of these threads. There may be suggestions for getting around the issue.


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No, I have not. Will check it out.

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Sounds like perfect material for a bug report. Definitely send one in if you can’t get it fixed. 343i will be slow to respond but it will get sorted internally and sent to the right people.


Out of curiosity are you on PC or Xbox?

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Xbox. Have to turn speed lines on then off every time I start up a new session.

Also on XSX. Even if I turn then on/off they are always remain on.

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This is still happening. Can it really be that hard to fix this? This is ridiculous

somehow yes, this thread still has relevance

Just my Opinion.

Speed lines really killed the game for me…

The only time I have EVER seen speed lines in any type of game are always in ACTUAL OPEN WORLD games, with actual open world objectives, quests or storyline, they have ALWAYS served the purpose of showing what direction characters are going if they are out of site or in DCUO’s ( DC Universe Online ) case, to add a flare to your characters style.

In Halo though?

F*** If I know ; They probably added them in to “ Fill in Content “ or to show a “ New “ type of look to gameplay.

Honestly, they need to be removed from the game COMPLETELY.

It serves no purpose and 343 Industries can’t say it’s there to help those with disabilities when in past Halo games over the last 20 years, “ Speed lines were never present in the games and NO ONE disabled or not ever asked for them.

In my Books, Halo Infinite is THEEE Worst Halo Installment of the franchise.

  • Don’t get me wrong ; There are alot of things I like about the game, but those things are dwarfed by all the issues I have and the community have with the game… 343 Industries took 180 turn and 117 steps back when developing this “ fReE tO pLaY “ game…

( If Halo Infinite was an ACTUAL free to play game, NO ONE would need to buy game pass to play it or purchase the overpriced underwhelming $60.00 Campaign. )

If it were Free to play, then it would be downloadable along side with ALL the free to play games in the Microsoft store, Like Apex, Splitgate, DCUO, Warface and more.

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It seems like nobody turns theirs off when I watch clips on YouTube. I think they are distracting and really wish I didn’t have to turn them on and off every damn time I play the game.