just something i want to address regards to my “speed boost” perk in infinity slayer…since launch day i have been playing halo 4…and it occured yesterday that wen ever i acquire the speed boost perk…my screen gets disorriented as if everything is moving and seem garbled and im not seeing the map anymore but as if im under the play area and still can be seen by other players normally,shot at,and i can shoot but cnt see nothing but blue and orange and normall colors…but think of it as you’re under the map…it has happened average 5/7 times since i dont know how it has happened or why…and if other players are experiencing the same problems

It happens to me on all of the boosters though!
I really don’t know what to do about it!
It makes all the boosters useless!
I really hope that it will be patched out in an update soon!