Speculation about Cheif's survival during the 6 months in Infinite [Infinite Spoilers]

This speculation may be obvious but I’ve not seen anyone mention it

So chief wakes up 6 months after the destruction of the ring and being rescued by the pilot.
I was thinking how could he survive that even with his augmentations and armor then after some time suddenly appear out of nowhere .
And then it hit me, after some time he suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Just like Infinite’s ending.
Could it be possible that whatever entity, presumably Offensive Bias or Cortana in the second before she died, flung chief months into the future like how he was at Infinite’s ending?


They hint at time travel or something in the campaign, so you could be right. Interesting theory.

Why would she do that though? What purpose would that passage of time achieve?

Also if she could open a slip space portal. Why not, you know, dump him in the room with Atriox? :smile:

Or, teleport Atriox into space? Idiot brute doesn’t have a helmet. :blush:

It wouldn’t be logical to anyone to take sleeping Chief in the futur and let him in space in front of a coward fake pilot.
Now, with everything humanity learn on forerunner tech and the help of the Hurakogs, Mjonir armor are able to maintain someone in live in space.

The only thing we know as of right now is that Zeta Halo and the surrounding debris from the Banished’s ambush of the Infinity was moved out of the Ephsu system. As to who did it, we don’t know, but the massive fanboy in me wants to say it was Offensive Bias. To my knowledge, there’s no mention of how long the Mjolnir armor provides them air, but I’d assume it’s a lot longer when the suit locks down and goes into survival mode.

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