Speculated Halo 4 Vehicle Lineup

For all intents and purposes, this thread in no way gaurantees that any of the stated content will be in the final product. It is purely done by the lore of the Halo universe, and simple guessing on my part. Since CE, we have gone from the simple 4 useable vehicles to a large myriad of variants and additions that went all the way to Halo Reach. Because of the continuation on Bungie’s efforts, the sandbox expanded upon them, and has fascinated many players, myself included. So what kind of new vehicles or changes did 343 add to the lineup to expand upon what we already know? Lets see what we already know.

(This list will be listing off items that have existed in prior games, but failed to make an appearance as a uesable asset within the forge sandbox)

AC-22 Sparrow Hawk, AKA Hawk

The Hawk is simply an upgrade to Halo 3’s Hornet, sacrificing the ability to carry soldiers for sheer firepower with its twin autocannons and nose mounted rifle. It requires a single pilot and a gunner, which could suggest the necessity of pairing players together to make a joint effort in using the vehicle to its maximum potential. Much like how the Falcon required one pilot and one gunner, but it would not inhibit both to manage a general direction. It can be speculated that the vehicle may have a similar gunner style that Battlefield 2-3 did with its Apache Helicopter, where the pilot has control of the autocannons, and the gunner has control of the rifle, which would be more powerful than the ACs. This is to make it so that a single person alone cannot use the vehicle completely and make it an overpowered vehicle.

SP42 Cobra

The Cobra is essentially a ‘Sniper Rifle on Treads’. Its armed with a pair of gauss rifle cannons that are less powerful than the one mounted on the warthogs (but still does plenty of damage), and a more powerful railgun. The latter can only be used after locking the vehicle down, making whoever uses it to be vulnerable, as the Cobra has less armor than the standard Scorpion tanks, and its rate of fire is incredibly slow. This vehicle is best used in an area that has great visibility over a great vantage point. I speculate that they may add a sniper rifle-like scope to allow for a more accurate shot over larger distances. Its an extremely maneuverable vehicle despite its size and speed.

Type 25 Rapid Assault Vehicle, AKA Chopper

If anyone does’nt know this vehicle, then that means they missed out on Halo 3. I probably would love to see this return, as it was fun and annoying to players everywhere just for its sheer ability to ram and kill most enemies in its wake.

M9 Main Anti Aircraft Tank, AKA Wolverine /AA Wraith

Ever had one of those moments where you thought that the skies belonged to the banshees, hornets, and falcons? Well, if they ever decide to add the Pelican, Hawk, Vulture, and Phantoms, these vehicles will be a must. Considering how annoying aerial vehicles in the past have been, it would’nt be a bad idea to have at least one or two vehicles that could counter them. The Wolverine uses Argent V missile pods that sends a flurry of missiles at anything in the air, and due to their laser guidance systems, they could aim at distant areas of the ground, as their ability to aim at the ground near them is diminished. I can imagine that these types of weapons could have a duel firing function where you can lock onto aerial vehicles, in which case the shots would be fire and forget, or they can guide the missiles after being fired and no lockon has been made. This can also make them very useful artillery units.

Type 30 Light Excavation/Anti Fortification Platform, AKA Locust

Even if 343 does’nt add the Scarab as a useable vehicle, if this is added to the sandbox, then it would be a fair trade in my opinion. Like the Cobra, this vehicle can act very much like a sniper rifle on treads, or giant legs in this situation. It could very easily be able to scale very steep obstacles, maybe even hang onto walls, and with its shielding techlogy, would make it very vulnerable with its armor. Its weapon would work in a similar fashion to the focus rifle, although it would not be as effective at such far ranges, meaning its mainly for support fire.


A pair of vehicles that need no introduction. Seriously, we need these as useable forge vehicles ASAP. Just make them highly armored and without weapons and these will be very nice to have for machinimas, even if only for that reason.

What about ground vehicles, I doubt a lot of those vehicles will be in Halo 4.

I don’t doubt that a good number of these vehicles won’t be making it into the build, but its still nice to think that they could. And I did post a good number of ground vehicles with the aerial. Cobra, Wolverine, Locust, Chopper, and the AA Wraith.