Spectator mode for custom games please.

I think I have seen this before. But I want spectator mode in custom games.

Just like in custom games, when you switch colour teams in the lobby. Have all the colors, red blue, orange, ect. But have one that say spectator. It will make it so players can not see you, but you can see them.

Put it this way. You can fly around in theatre. Make something like that for live custom games so if you want to watch 1v1’s you and 5 other friends don’t have to be orange and stand on top of ring 3 on sanctuary the whole time.

Also make it so we can watch in-game players pov’s. This would be good for competitive games like MLG so that way people who like to capture videos can watch their POV’s and also it would be a lot easier during live events to do this. Just thought it was a good idea.



Yes, hate it when other people just has to watch, and because of that … the spawns will not be correct.

This is something that I would not use. I am not sure there is that great of a demand for it but I could be wrong.

This is something I have been wanting for a long time. When ever i find 2 people in matchmaking arguing or 2 friends just want to do a friendly 1v1, of course i would want to watch but then I would have to worry about them killing me and I kind of have to hide and can not see much. Spectator is a feature that should be be in halo 4. What harm could adding it do? There is not really any reason to say no to a good idea that can not do something like ruin the entire game.

As I would love to see this feature in future games, you do have to realize the extra bandwidth and processing it would require for a spectator to be included. I definitely think it’s doable, and we see it on client-server games, but I just don’t know with a game that is client/server-client based. If there’s a way, I’m sure 343i will find it.

Like Team Fortress 2?

> Like Team Fortress 2?


> > Like Team Fortress 2?
> Yes

Ok, I would like to see that system work out. thanks.