Spectator Mode and Machinima

Spectator Mode is an unconfirmed mode in the game that has some controversy as to whether or not it should be in the game. I, personally, would happily welcome it. and Machinima is the reason why.
Being a film maker and getting my inspiration from Burnie Burns and the Rooster Teeth crew, I remember watching their first few seasons and seeing that the screen had been cut so that you couldn’t see all elements of the HUD. meaning that it was shoot then and there, not in the Theatre Mode later introduced in Halo 3. I also remember an interview with Burnie, in which he discusses the difficulty of doing the World famous web series Red vs Blue in the theatre mode, that while it was cool to have a free roaming camera, it was difficult to make sure that they did the shot perfectly before ending the game, loading up theatre and capturing the clips for editing.
This is what Spectator Mode could do to help us. Give us the tools to make a more perfect Machinima using a free roaming camera and giving us the ability to capture as much as we need to. Plus, MLG might find the tool useful as well.

Just a thought.

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