Specilizations Disappeared!!! Need Help!!!!!

I have gotten my specilization code, I played pioneer all the way through to lvl 80. then when i went to pick the next one it just does not have a option for me just ses what i completed. i woukd like to continue thru lvl 80 but im stuck and cant move on> i have tryed many things to solve this problem, like redownloading the priority alpha and deleting my gt and redownloading it. also deleting war games and downloading it. but i just want to keep playing and earning xp dont feel like playing without it> please help soon so i can keep playing. my email is kyle.r.macy@hotmail.com GT:Lucky Nugg. please get back to me soon> hosta pasta pronto tonto. need another specializaion options soon.

Ya what he said.

My specs come and go too, try clearing your cache, re-downloading the download, and restarting your console. That generally gets it to work for me for a little while.

My specs don’t show either. The only way I can access them is by not being connected to xbox live when I need to choose a new one.