Species Specific Abilities

More species than Spartans and Elites are playable. Each species has a specific ability. NOT FOR DEFAULT MULTILAYER. CLASS BASED CUSTOM GAMETYPE.

Spartan -Sprint

Elite - Evade

Brute - Bull Rush (when Brutes run on all fours and charge into enemies, damaging them; slower than Sprint, 1/3 distance of a full Sprint, takes a moment to return to normal combat stance after Bull Rushing)

Jackal - Energy Shield (the Energy Shield that Jackals hold can be deployed but movement speed and turning speed is greatly reduced when deployed)

Bugger - Fly and Cling (can fly for a short time and cling to walls)

Grunt - Suicide Grunt (lights two plasma grenades and charges)

Hunter - Green Beam (powerful beam that Hunters can shoot)

This just would work and isn’t balanced and AAs are not going to be in Halo 4. Besides equipment works better anyway.